Freddie Wong’s “Flower Warfare” (Now an iPhone App)

YouTuber Freddie Wong (freddiew) has made a huge splash with his action/effects shorts. One of the most popular was Flower Warfare. If you’ve been trapped in another dimension fighting demon Leprechauns from Uranus, check out the video:

Now that you’re up to speed, he’s taken that to the next level, creating an iPhone game. Gives the rest of us hopefuls something to shoot for, doesn’t it?

App available for iPhone here.

Nissan Shouts Out Social Media With #LEAFBDay

If anyone needs proof that social media is here to stay, just look at the advertisers. Take Nissan, for example, celebrating the one year “birthday” of their 100% electric vehicle, the LEAF. Nissan is taking advantage of social media and blurring the lines between television advertising and internet media using YouTube to promote their “Singing Sockets” video, and promoting the twitter hashtag #LEAFBDay. Check out the video below.

Just remember, kids, electrical sockets don’t really sing in real life.

Alleged “Second Earth” Found…

NASA has discovered a planet, designated Kepler-22b, which may be Earth-like in its ability to produce liquid water and circle its sun within a habitable zone. The planet, approximately 2.4 times the radius of Earth, is the first planet that gives NASA scientists hope that we are indeed not alone, and that someday we may be able to branch out into the stars and colonize other planets.

There’s…just a few…small…problems.

First off, the satellite that detected the plane can’t actually get an image of the planet. It detects that there’s SOMETHING there that fits the parameters…but there’s no actual visual on the planet.

Artist Rendition of Kepler-22b

Moreover, the planet’s size is more like the size of Neptune or Uranus, meaning that it’s very likely all ocean or all rock. That’s an extreme circumstance for life to exist as we know it, but not impossible.

Then, of course, there’s my favorite part:

The planet is 600 light years away. For those who don’t speak NASA or Star Trek, a light year is approximately 6 trillion miles…so doing the math, it’ll only take us 22 MILLION YEARS to get there with current technology. Start building those Faster-Than-Light Warp drives, kids…

Still, it’s promising to know that maybe we’re not so alone out in the universe after all. We just may never know about it.

Source: NASA